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Acetone Solvent

Acetone is an extremely versatile solvent and has ..

$88.00 Inc GST: $96.80

Black Galvanising Paint 400g Aerosol

GalMax™ NPR Black Galvanising Paint Gal..

$16.00 Inc GST: $17.60

Citric Hand Cleaning Solution 20L - Contains Mild Abrasives

Recommended in all situations where superior perfo..

$130.00 Inc GST: $143.00

Citric Hand Cleaning Solution 5L - Contains Mild Abrasives

Recommended in all situations where superior perfo..

$45.00 Inc GST: $49.50

Protective Film  Dishwashing Liquid 5L New

Dishwashing Liquid 5L

Apple dishwashing detergent Pleasant apple frag..

$17.00 Inc GST: $18.70

Etch Primer Grey 400g Aerosol

Etch Primer Chemtools Etch Primer is  a on..

$19.00 Inc GST: $20.90

Industrial Methylated Spirits 20L 100% I.M.S

Methylated Spirits is a versatile c..

$64.00 Inc GST: $70.40

Orange Solvent Heavy Duty Degreaser 20L

Citrus-based heavy-duty degreaser. Will emulsify o..

$208.00 Inc GST: $228.80

Paint Brush 100mm

Paint Brush 100mm ..

$8.00 Inc GST: $8.80

Paint Brush 50mm

Paint Brush 50mm ..

$4.00 Inc GST: $4.40

Penetrating Release Oil Solution 5L (WD40)

Penetrating oil used for loosening rusted parts an..

$50.00 Inc GST: $55.00

Remove Stain Remover 20L

Formulated to remove felt-tip pen, paint and glue ..

$275.00 Inc GST: $302.50

Spot and Survey Marking Paint Fluro 350g

Survey and Spot Marking Paints Chemtools S..

$9.00 Inc GST: $9.90

Stainless Steel Cleaner 5L

Stainless Steel Oil ideal for cleaning chrome, alu..

$65.00 Inc GST: $71.50

Wax and Grease Remover 4L

GalMax™ SOLVENTS Wax & Grease Remover ..

$35.00 Inc GST: $38.50

Window Cleaning Solution 20L Drum

Spray & wipe glass cleaner, non-streak formula..

$46.00 Inc GST: $50.60

Protective Film  Xylene New

Our self-adhesive masking products are very easy to install and remove, all you need is a retractable knife or a pair of scissors! Each film adhesion level has been carefully measured and adjusted for each different application, 'install and removal without leaving sticky residue!'.

We at Protective Film only supply quality plastic film products so you can be sure that your timber floors, carpets, tiles, painted surface, melamine or whatever you are protecting, is well looked after! Please contact us for more info "click here"




Surface protection not only protects from costly damage, but can save hours of cleaning time!