Overalls - Coveralls

Coverage for skin and clothing for protection from paint, liquids, sprays, powders, dust and other contaminants

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Microporous Overalls Coveralls Type 4/5/6

Quantity per carton = 50 A Microporous Fab..

$11.40 Inc GST: $12.54

Overalls Coveralls SMS - Asbestos Suitable

Quantity per carton = 72 Spunbond Meltblow..

$7.00 Inc GST: $7.70

Disposable Boot Covers - 500mm high (50 Pairs)

Description Excellent contamination preventi..

$23.68 Inc GST: $26.05

Disposable Shoe Cover - Non Slip Sole (50 pairs)

Polypropylene Shoe Cover - Non Slip Sole &ndash..

$12.50 Inc GST: $13.75

Disposable Shoe/Boot Covers (50 pairs)

Features HACCP Australia Food Safety Certificat..

$4.95 Inc GST: $5.45

Our self-adhesive masking products are very easy to install and remove, all you need is a retractable knife or a pair of scissors! Each film adhesion level has been carefully measured and adjusted for each different application, 'install and removal without leaving sticky residue!'.

We at Protective Film only supply quality plastic film products so you can be sure that your timber floors, carpets, tiles, painted surface, melamine or whatever you are protecting, is well looked after! Please contact us for more info "click here"




Surface protection not only protects from costly damage, but can save hours of cleaning time!