All types of self adhesive tapes for different applications

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Extender Wall Double Sided Tapes

2.5cm x 10M Double Sided Tape..

$6.50 Inc GST: $7.15

Masking Tapes - Painters UV Resistant Outdoor Grade 14 Day

Outdoor grade UV stable 14days clean removal maski..

$4.46 Inc GST: $4.90

Very High Bond Tapes - Double Sided

5700 is a high quality acrylic foam with a high pe..

$26.78 Inc GST: $29.46

Barricade Warning Danger Tapes 72mm x 100M (Non Adhesive)

Warning Barricade Danger Tape (Non Adhesive) Fo..

$8.80 Inc GST: $9.68

Masking Tapes - High Temp Automotive Fine Line Tape

High-temp automotive fineline tape suitable for pr..

$14.00 Inc GST: $15.40

Masking Tapes - High Temp Automotive Grade -50 %

Masking Tapes - High Temp Automotive Grade

Hi-temp premium grade automotive masking tape also..

$1.95 $0.98 Inc GST: $1.08

Masking Tapes - Painters Heavy Duty (extra stick) 3 Day

3 day heavy duty grade masking tape for high adhes..

$2.88 Inc GST: $3.17

Strapping High Tensile Bundling Tape - Black

Black Strapping Tape This tensilised poly..

$3.00 Inc GST: $3.30

Pre-Taped Masking Plastic Film

Pre-Taped masking film for general purpose,suitabl..

$5.00 Inc GST: $5.50

Aluminium Foil Tapes Reinforced Quality Hand-Tear 50m Rolls

Premium Aluminium Foil Tape High performance sy..

$13.55 Inc GST: $14.91

Cloth Tapes Reinforced Quality Hand-Tear 48MM X 25M

Premium grade cloth tape for protection against we..

$6.72 Inc GST: $7.39

Filament and Strapping Joint Tapes 48mm or Custom Cut Size x 45M

High strength Filament and Strapping Joint Tape us..

$7.55 Inc GST: $8.31

Nitto Duct Tapes / Joint Tape 48mm x 50m

"Joint Tape" Duct tape is the universal item fo..

$3.15 Inc GST: $3.47

Packing Tapes Economy Grade - Clear -23 %

Packing Tapes Acrylic Glue Economy Grade - Clear

Premium Grade Tape With Natural Rubber Solven..

$1.50 $1.15 Inc GST: $1.27

Packing Tapes Hot Melt Glue - Premium Grade - Clear -17 %

Packing Tapes Hot Melt Glue - Premium Grade - Clear

Hot melt will work better on recycle ..

$1.80 $1.50 Inc GST: $1.65

Surface Protection Tapes PVC - Clean Removal No Residue (90 meter rolls)

(Custom Sizing Available) Clean removal tape, no r..

$11.35 Inc GST: $12.49

Transparent Stick n Peel Muti Purpose (self-adhesive) 120mm x 200M

55 micron Industrial 'self-adhering' plastic prote..

$28.30 Inc GST: $31.13

Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Grip Mats 150mm x 600mm

Heavy duty anti slip warning and caution grip mats..

$9.55 Inc GST: $10.51

Black Anti-Slip Grip Tapes 18.2m Rolls

Heavy duty black anti slip grip tape for floors, s..

$16.97 Inc GST: $18.67

Yellow/Black Anti-Slip Grip Tapes 18.2m Rolls

Heavy duty anti slip grip tape for floors, steps, ..

$19.38 Inc GST: $21.32

Our self-adhesive masking products are very easy to install and remove, all you need is a retractable knife or a pair of scissors! Each film adhesion level has been carefully measured and adjusted for each different application, 'install and removal without leaving sticky residue!'.

We at Protective Film only supply quality plastic film products so you can be sure that your timber floors, carpets, tiles, painted surface, melamine or whatever you are protecting, is well looked after! Please contact us for more info "click here"




Surface protection not only protects from costly damage, but can save hours of cleaning time!