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Our beginnings were humble rocks, but after more than 100 years, we know how to rock science. Every day at 3M, we explore, we connect and we invent. And now we’re opening the door to show the world the unique, multi-dimensional ways 3M science can touch your life.

We’re starting the conversation with a fresh new look and new way of talking about ourselves that makes us excited to share. We’ve always been storytellers and inventors at heart, but now we will show you why we do what we do. And while we may look different, we’re still the same 3M, ready to connect and work together with you to create the future.

So explore with us. We think you will be amazed by all the ways 3M science impacts your life.

3M Particulate Respirator Aura P2 Mask
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Brand: 3M Model: 9322A+
Use P2 Respirators to protect against mechanically and thermally generated particles Low breathing resistance. 3M’s advanced low breathing resistance filter technology 3M™ Cool Flow Valve, Effective removal of heat andmoisture build up provides a cooler andmore comfortable wear. Key Hazard Protectio..
Inc GST:$78.38
3M Particulate Respirator Cupped P2 Valved Cool Flow 8322
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Brand: 3M Model: 8322
The 8300 series is designed with your comfort in mind. The super soft, cushioned lining provides instant yet lasting comfort; whilst the robust design makes these respirators tough and durable. It also features an M-shaped nose clip to make it easier to fit and be more comfortable around your nose. ..
Inc GST:$79.75
3M Particulate Respirator N95 P2 Mask 8210
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Brand: 3M Model: 8210
8210 can also be used in certain applications against some bio-aerosols. such as, influenza virusLightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time Mould nose clip to the wearer’s nose shape to help reduce eyewear fogging and for a better seal and fit Made from 3M™ Advanced E..
Inc GST:$85.80
3M Particulate Respirator P2 Mask 8320
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Brand: 3M Model: 8320
The 3M 8320 disposable respirator is designed with comfort and fit in mind. The super soft, cushioned inner lining of the respirator offer workers added comfort. The traditional cupped design that is robust for durability. The 3M 8320 has a soft textured waffle edge that allows workers to adjust the..
Inc GST:$45.38
3M Protective Coveralls 4510 Type 5 6 Microporous
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Brand: 3M Model: 4510
The 3M Protective Coverall 4510 is an economic solutionwhich offers quality and protection from limited chemicalsplashes such as those from paint spraying and is certified asCE Type 5/6 protection standard.The material is microporous, allowing air and moisture toescape from within the suit, while he..
Inc GST:$11.55
3M Protective Coveralls 4570 Type 3
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Brand: 3M Model: 4570
The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4570 is designed to offer an excellent barrier to hazardous particles and certain liquid splashes, sprays and jets.The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4570 is a high performance chemical protective suit, certified to Type 3/4/5/6 levels of protection, making it suitable to protec..
Inc GST:$47.85
Brand: 3M Model: 5925
Price is each pair - Minimum order is 10 pairsProvides protection against: Particulates (P2), including those containing oil.Protection FactorsNote that any filtering respirator should not be used for protection at airborne concentrations of contaminants above the relevant Immediately Dangerous to L..
Inc GST:$13.75
Brand: 3M Model: 6000
The 3M Full Face Reusable Respirator 6000 Series is simple to use and comfortable to wear. Combine with a broad range of twin, lightweight 3Mfilters or cartridges to provide respiratory protection against particulates and a variety of gases and vapours.Soft, silicone face seal for greater comfort an..
Inc GST:$427.90
Brand: 3M Model: 6835
Made for Asbestos removal and Silica dust. A Full Face protection for extra protection against harmful environmental contaminates.Kit Contains1 x 3M™ Full Face Respirator 6000 Series 2 x pair of 3M™ Particulate Filters 6035 P2/P3 4 x 3M™ Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504 1 x 3M™ No-Touch™ Foam Earplugs ..
Inc GST:$471.90
Brand: 3M Model: RFF1000
3M FULL FACE RESPIRATORThe Protector RFF1000 Vision provides a high level of respiratory protection. Acomfortable liquid silicone rubber (LSR) achieving a efficient and comfortable fit.The LSR is hypo-allergenic and more durable. The RFF1000 offers unrestrictedfield of vision and is optically sound ..
Inc GST:$344.85
Brand: 3M Model: 7535
The design of this half face respiratory mask features a unique solid top particulate filter casing design reduces premature caking and clogging from dirt, grime, water or dust.Ideal for paint & pesticide spray, chemical handling, fiber glassing, printing, degreasingKit Contains1 x 3M™ Half Face Res..
Inc GST:$177.10
Brand: 3M Model: 7500
The 3M™ Half Face Reusable Respirator 7500 Series has a soft, silicone face seal for greater comfort and durability. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps make breathing easier and can reduce heat and moisture build-up for cool, dry comfort. Combine with a broad range of twin, lightweight 3M™ filters or ca..
Inc GST:$91.30
Brand: 3M Model: 6259
Key Features Cartridge Type: A1B1E1K1P2 Connection Type: Bayonet Filter Type: Gas. Vapour and Particulate Filters Gas and Vapour protection type: Acid gases, Ammonia, Inorganic , Organic Vapour bp>65 degrees Kit Contains 1 x 3M™ Half Face Respirator 6000 Series - M..
Inc GST:$129.80
3M P2 Particulate Filter 2125
Out Of Stock
Brand: 3M Model: 2125
Made from 3M high performance filter media for effective filtration efficiencyLightweight and provides low breathing resistanceSuitable for use with 3M™ 6000/7500 Series Half Face Respirators and 3M™ 6000/7000 Series Full Face RespiratorsProvides protection against: Particulates (P2).Protection Fact..
Inc GST:$29.04
Brand: 3M Model: 6035
Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012 Applications: For particles and dusts, mists and fumes like sanding, grinding,cutting,drilling metal, masonary, wood and concrete. Lead and mould remediation, certain asbestos removal, refer to government guidelines. Solid top design reduces the..
Inc GST:$32.67
Brand: 3M Model: 2135
3M Particulate Filter P2/P3 2135  Higher P3 protection only with 3M Full Face Respirator, otherwise P2 protection level with 3M Half Mask.  Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012 Key Features Suitable for use with 3M 6000/7500 Series Half Face Respirators and 3M™ 6000/7000 Serie..
Inc GST:$30.25
3M Particulate Filter P2/P3(HF) Nuisance Level Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Relief 3M Particulate Filter P2/P3(HF) Nuisance Level Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Relief
Coming Soon
Brand: 3M Model: 6038
Provides protection against: Particulates, Hydrogen Fluoride, Nuisance* Level Organic Vapours and Acid Gas (P2/P3** HF). The protective casing helps deflect sparks and splashes of liquid. The casing also assists in environments where decontamination is required.* Nuisance Levels are those levels bel..
Inc GST:$35.97
Brand: 3M Model: 6500QL
This facepiece combines comfort, durability, and stability. The quick latch design offers an easy, one hand touch drop down mechanism for putting the facepiece on and off while moving in and out of contaminated areas.Key FeaturesFor use with 3M™ 6000, 2000 & 5000 Series Filters.Quick Latch mechanism..
Inc GST:$66.00
Brand: 3M Model: AVIVA40
AVIVA 40 is suitable for a variety of applications including paint spraying, chemicals and manufacturing, utilising the Pro2000 range of filters.​The AVIVA 40 single filter half mask is the next step forward in half mask technology from Scott Safety. Innovative design elements such as a hybrid refle..
Inc GST:$63.80
Brand: 3M Model: 042670(RC220)
Combination Filter with filter covers. Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012Key FeaturesProtect against Dusts,mists,fumes,fibres,toxic particles & micro organisms     (bacteria , fungi,viruses,enzymes)Protect from organic gases and vapours with boiling point >65deg. eg. Toluene , Xylene, MEK, Benzene, Alcoh..
Inc GST:$56.10
Brand: 3M Model: 052670(RC251)
Scott Safety Pro2000 Filter PF 10 P3. Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012Key FeaturesProtect against Dusts,mists,fumes,fibres,toxic particles & micro organisms (bacteria , fungi,viruses,enzymes)Code: 052670(RC251)..
Inc GST:$33.00
Brand: 3M Model: 6500EVKIT
We have pieced together this kit due to the recent Corona virus epidemic to try and give customers a quick easy option with all things necessary included in one kit.A essential respiratory kit with appropriate P2 filters and a 3M half face silicone mask.Both 3M filters and Maxisafe filters can fit t..
Inc GST:$104.50
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