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Posted by David Cook 02/08/2018 5 Comment(s) Videos - Installation Help & Tips,Frequently Asked Questions,Carpet Protection,Hard Floor Protection,Window Protection,

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warren wilkins:
11/09/2018, 12:25:09 PM

Hi we are a benchtop supplier in south australia. I am looking at protective film for our tops with the company logo on. Could you please advise on a cost for this?

Jared Slater:
14/09/2018, 07:34:04 AM

Hi Warren, Could you send me your contact details to my email and I can put a quote together for you. Cheers

13/09/2018, 09:05:50 AM

I need to protect 40 sq of new taste oak 10mm overlay timber flooring (kitchen and dining areas) until the sander begins work. What's an economical way to protect this? It would be good to be able to recycle it.

Shannon Eberhard:
14/09/2018, 02:19:46 PM

Hi Stefan,Thanks for contacting Protective Film, the best product to use would be our PAD-IT product, has a 3mm foam layer with a polywoven top layer laminated to the foam, great impact protection and soft on the floors. This is also 100% recyclable.

24/09/2018, 01:19:35 PM

A protective adhesive runner of unknown brand was used on our carpet earlier this year during plumbing works. After the runner was removed we noticed the carpet was slightly darker where the it had been. We had the carpet steam cleaned but it didn't remove the mark and it is gradually become darker. A consultation with a ChemDry Carpet Cleaning representative resulted in our being told that it was resin from the runner and it had been 'set' by having the carpet steam cleaned and it wouldn't be removed by the ChemDry process.Would you have any suggestions as to how the mark may be removed? Any help would be very much appreciated.Beverley

David Cook:
10/10/2018, 05:11:30 PM

Hi Beverley, Yes we are happy to assists.From time to we get this question and its never related to our product I'm happy to say:) Though its something we have researched and found answers to. The dark mark left behind is a common indication that glue has been transferred during the time it has been installed for. This can happen if the film has been left down over the length of recommended time or simply that the product has been coated with the wrong glue or too much glue. So its very important to use a trusted and recommended product when it comes to carpet self-adhesive films.First Is the glue acrylic or solvent based?Acrylic Glue Removal The best and only way to remove acrylic water based carpet film glue is by using a CRITIC BASED CLEANER high in the chemical "Limonene" this will soften the glue making it possible to extract. The carpet cleaner guy must have an "carpet agitator" this brings the glue to the surface of the carpet so it can then be extracted properly. If you have had it steamed cleaned before this will make more work for the contractor as now the glue will be siting deeper into the carpets pile and my take longer to remove and or need a couple of goes at it.Solvent Glue Removal The method would be as similar to above only the cleaning solvent used would be different. This film is not as common in Australia because of its strong fumes and smell making it bad idea to use this kind of film in the first place.Let me know if this helps?

29/10/2018, 05:38:48 PM

This is the product I'm after - 200um builders film - but we need it in white (not clear). Do you have it?

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