Rewards: Rewarding Loyalty 

What's The Go? 

One of the most exciting elements of our e-commerce platform is our NEW customer loyalty program, ‘Loyalty Rewards’ which means with every purchase you make with us you will earn points which are redeemable for discounts on future orders.

Why is loyalty important to us? 

We want to make a real connection with our customers and believe you should be rewarded for trusting us with your purchase. What’s more, we want to do it in a simple way which works for our customers. Too many times we’ve seen complicated loyalty schemes with unattainable rewards.
We keep our rewards simple and, above all, attainable. 

How does it work? 

Customers can sign up HERE and the rewards system comes PRELOADED to your account!

Rewards are automatically applied every time you shop. To redeem your rewards head to the checkout page, here you will find a section allowing you to choose how many points you would like to apply to your purchase.

How do I get more points?

If you open an account, we will credit you with 200 points as a thank you, also if you refer us to friends/family/colleagues, follow us on social, or give feedback on your favourite products. Plus, every order means you have saved on the next one.

How do I check my rewards balance? 

Create an account with Pro Trade Group Rewards today. Once logged in, just click on the Rewards tab within your Account page, and discover your rewards!

How much are my points worth? 

You receive one point for every dollar spent 

500 Points = $5
1000 Points = $10
2000 Points = $20

What exactly can I spend my points on? 

That’s entirely up to you! Through your account you will have access to a bespoke engagement platform. Clearly showing your current points total, you will be able to redeem rewards discounts on your next purchase.

Don’t forget how important you are to us. We’re keen to keep our customers loyal so if there is anything more specific you are looking to redeem your points on, talk to us so we can continue to optimise the site for the benefit of you, our loyal customers.

What next? 

Get started by creating an account now!