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Builders Plastic Film for Construction work we stock High and Medium Impact along with Industrial grade plastics

Concrete underlay Damp proof membrane or Vapour barrier comes in 300um, 200um and 100um plastic


High Quality polyethylene Builders Plastic Films for work sites, construction and landscape, agriculture work. A excellent moisture barrier plastic film for concrete slab underlay.

Used for vapour barrier, damp proof membrane. Used in agriculture as pond and dam linings.

W have a range of virgin Resin Plastics from 100um to 200um thickness used for Asbestos removal work.

We stock a range of 6 metre wide films to 4m and 2m wide plastic films. 

A selection of High impact, Medium Impact and Industrial films in 300um, 200um and 100um gauge. Builders film come in Black, Orange and Clear colours.   

BIG B's Builders Plastic Films are manufactured in strict accordance to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard 2870 and are tested in accordance AS 4347.6

Concrete underlay Damp proof membrane or Vapour barrier

Big B's Builders films comply with AS2870 and AS 4347.6