Aluminium Composite Panel Black White APC Protection Film 1240mm x 100M

Stick n Protect  Aluminium Composite Panel Black/White APC Protection Film 1240mm x 100M (120 sqm)

Black/White (APC) Aluminium Film 80um (microns). Industrial 'self-adhering' polyethylene (pe) plastic protection. Temporary protective film for aluminium composite panel, pre-coated metal, uncoated metal, extrusion profiles, sheet plastic material, decorative laminates and like surfaces. Protect surfaces from pollutants, corrosion, and scratching during the process of manufacturing, transport, storage and installation. (please make sure that any painted surfaces are 100% cured first!). Avoiding damages and save hours of cleaning time!


Why black and white self-adhesive protective film?

The idea is that the heat of the sun and UV light is repelled by the outer white coloured face "being a natural light repellent" and the inner face black colour "known to absorb heat" draws any heat out of the protected surface side. The aim is to prevent adhesive transfer and lengthen the recommended usage life time.


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