Hard Flooring & Multi Surface Protection Film Self Adhesive 610mm x 100M

-18% Stick n Protect  Hard Flooring & Multi Surface Protection Film (self-adhesive)  610mm x 100M (61 sqm)

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The Hard flooring and multi purpose protective film is a self adhesive transparent plastic protection film that can be used on many hard surfaces, such as bench tops, cook tops, tiles, laminate flooring, glass, stone and other hard surfaces.

The self adhesive film is 75 microns thick, transparent in colour with a medium strength adhesive level, easy to install and remove and won't leave sticky residue behind. It protects against dust, scratches, marks, stains and spills at home or on the job site! Great for a hallway runner or masking up whole rooms.

Many builders use this film to protect bathtubs and ceramic items during bathroom renovations. Very easy to install as the adhesive is on the outside of the roll, so no applicator needed.

Protect your tiles, slate floors, and bench/cook tops from dirt, dust and scratches. Great protection from extra foot traffic during building, construction and decorating.


  • Finished floors need to be 100% dry before applying any protection.
  • Do not use on old stained, lacquered or vanished floors.
  • Do not use where the finish may have broken down, the finish is unknown or no testing has been carried out.

We recommend testing on small inconspicuous areas before using any adhesive product as they are not suitable for all applications!


ALSO SOME STONE, TRAVERTINE AND POLISHED CONCRETE SEALERS MAY REACT WITH "ADHESIVE PRODUCTS!"    In this case use a non adhesive Polywoven plastic (poly weave), PAD-IT or Corflute protection boards.

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     ​. Easy to apply​

     . Acrylic based adhesive which adheres to most smooth and textured surfaces

     . Transparent film designed for temporary protection in masking applications

     . Heat resistant to 60 degrees and UV resistant for up to 4 months

     . Protection from scuffing, spills, dirt, dust, wear & tear during heavy traffic periods

     . Protects against over-spray and lacquers

     . Renovations and parties

Self-adhesive film for protecting timber floors, laminates, ceramic items, all hard tiles and lino.

Application: Surface needs to be dry, clean and fully cured.

Begin: Start by removing packaging. Unwind the roll by hand for the first 10 cm. Lay on the floor, apply the the film and unroll by hand, foot or applicator
Simply overlay the film on the seams to ensure a secure protection.

Removing: When removing try folding the corners inwards. Dust and debris are contained, fold into a small parcel and throw away.

Important: When protecting newly laid floors, the surface needs to be completely dry and clean. If the floor has been newly polished please make sure the surface has fully cured and hardened.

Temporary Protection For

  • Polyurethane Finished Timber Flooring

  • Floating Floors

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Unpolished/Unsealed Stone - Caesarstone

  • Laminated Bench Tops etc

WARNING: Do not use on

  • Do not use on old stained, lacquered or vanished floors 
  • Also some imported stones may be sealed with incompatible sealers!

Adhesive products are not suitable for all applications*

See description below for more details.

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