Carpet Plastic Protection Film Self Adhesive 700mm x 30M

-37% Stick n Protect  Carpet Plastic Protection Film (self-adhesive sticky back) 700mm x 30M x 75um (21 sqm)

Warning: This Product is designed for carpets ONLY!

No more drop sheets required, this self adhesive sticky back plastic film protects your carpet, Easily applied and removed. Protects from dirt, dust, paint & spills during renovating, DIY’s & construction work. Our sticky transparent carpet film adhesive plastic adhere's well to carpets and rugs eliminating the spillage and leakage problem when using drop sheets. Just rolls out! Easily applied and removed leaving your carpets as good as new. Protect your carpets from times of heavy foot traffic when building or renovating/decorating. Cover over carpeted stairs in unit blocks to save hours of cleaning and arguments with displeased neighbors. This product is "super sticky" with a very high adhesive coating need for carpet adhesion, therefore this product is recommended for use on carpets and rugs only!

Protective Films Carpet Protection cover has a unique adhesive system for rough surfaces making it suitable for:


  • Broadloom carpets
  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet rugs
  • Carpeted stairs



  • Potty training "protector"
  • Parties
  • Renovation
  • During DIY and construction works



Carpet Film may be applied for up to 3-4 months (guide only). Please read the instructions.

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Protective Films Carpet Protection Is:

   . quick and very easy to apply

   . extremely strong wearing

   . 'sticks' to the surface without moving

   . does not need tape

   . very easy to remove

   . leaves no residue behind

   . ideal for protecting carpeted stairs

   . ideal protection when using carts, trolleys and scaffolding etc.

Application: surface needs to be dry, clean and fully cured.

Begin: start by removing the packaging. Unwind the roll by hand for the first 10 cm. Lay on the floor, apply the the film and unroll by hand, foot or applicator
Simply overlay the film on the seems to ensure a secure protection.

Removing: when removing try folding the corners inwards so that dust and debris are contained, fold into a small parcel and throw away.

Important: when protecting newly laid carpet or carpet tiles the surface needs to be dry, clean and fully hardened. In the case of masking broadloom carpet we would advise a minimum drying time of around 48 hours. Carpet tiles should be cured for at less a minimum of 24 hours.

DISCLAIMER: Carpet Protector Film is ONLY suitable for carpets, rugs and textile surfaces because of its high adhesive properties. The surface needs to be dry, clean and fully cured, this also applies to the sub-floor. Protective Film is not liable of any loses or damages caused by the use of this product and recommend proper testing is cared out before application. Protective Film encourage regular monitoring of all protection products over the life time of use. Please read our terms and conditions for more info.

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