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Disposable shoe covering that protects your shoes & boots or floor

clean room and food preparation

Disposable shoe and boot covering that protect your shoes and boots from work site contamination. A great option to stop contamination between footwear and the work environment. HACCP certified.

Shoe Boot Covers, Disposable protective clothing

Disposable Polyethylene Blue Shoe Covers - 50 Pairs
-23 %
Brand: PROTRADE Model: CPE-SC-100
Disposable polyethylene water resistant Blue Shoe Covers 100 PackGood Strength and abrasion resistanceMaterial: Polyethylene (CPE) One size fits allRecommended for Nurses, medical staff, Laboratories ,Protection for floors, carpets, tiles against dirt and grime, Food manufacturing and processing, Ge..
$14.50 $18.75
Inc GST:$15.95
Shoe Cover Anti-Slip Non Woven with Polyethylene Coating 50 pairs
-23 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: NBB28131
Polypropylene Shoe Covers with Polyethylene Coating, Non Slip, Brown Suitable for Asbestos Related Work Anti slip, Water and oil Protect from Solvent and chemicals Heavy duty premium quality Pack of 50 pairs Carton of 500 Pairs..
$25.50 $33.00
Inc GST:$28.05
Brand: JB’s wear Model: JB-9EAP
Elasticised For Secure FittingPerfect for protecting your feet and bootsand for keeping grass , Sand, cement, nails,tiny stones ,sticks from getting into your socks or boots.comes in different coloursOne size fits most 100% Cotton Drill 190gsm..
Inc GST:$10.34
Disposable Shoe Cover Non Slip Sole 50 pairs
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Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR28131
Bastion Pacific Polypropylene Shoe Cover, Non Slip Sole, Blue Colour BNR28131, Sold in Pack of 50 Pairs (100pcs)Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environmentComfortable with good strength and abrasion resistance40 gsm Polypropylene has non-slip sole and good breathabilityH..
Inc GST:$32.98
Disposable Boot Covers 500mm High 50 Pairs
-21 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR68131
Disposable Boot Covers 500mm High, Polyethylene Waterproof Boot Covers BNR68131 Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environment Comfortable with good strength and abrasion resistance Boot covers are 500mm high for knee height protection 40 gsm Polypropylene ..
$33.00 $41.58
Inc GST:$36.30
Disposable Shoe Boot Covers 50 pairs BNR78131
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Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR78131
Disposable polyethylene waterproof Shoe Boot Covers 50 pairsHACCP Australia Food Safety Certification, Made from CPE embossed film and elastic ,Lightweight, waterproofSIZE: 15cm height / 1 size fits all Recommended for Nurses, medical staff, Laboratories ,Protection for floors, carpets, tiles agains..
Inc GST:$16.45
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