Breathe easier wearing a respirator and mask during dusty and potentially hazard vapors and fumes!


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Dust Mask P1 Respirator with Valve

Protect against mechanically generated particles s..

$11.20 Inc GST: $12.32

Dust Mask P2 Respirator with Valve

Use P2 Respirators to protect against mechanically..

$13.30 Inc GST: $14.63

Assembled Silicone Half Mask with Press to check Cartridges

Product Details For Mining, Construction, Rigging,..

$55.00 Inc GST: $60.50

Dust Mask Respirator P1 No Valve Bulk Buy 1000 Pack

P1 rating indicates suitability for protection aga..

$99.00 Inc GST: $108.90

Filter Spec Pro Google & Mask Combo includes 3 spare masks

The FilterSpec™ Pro is a goggle and mask in ..

$29.00 Inc GST: $31.90

FilterSpec PRO Replacement Mask 10 pack

 Protects against nuisance-level o..

$27.00 Inc GST: $29.70

Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator

 MAXI MASK 2000 Half Mask Respirator  HIGHER GRADE..

$33.00 Inc GST: $36.30

P2 Cartridge PCP2

For use on Prochoice Twin Filter Half Mask P2 cart..

$8.00 Inc GST: $8.80

Press to Check P3 Cartridge

Product DetailsFor Mining, Construction, Rigging, ..

$21.00 Inc GST: $23.10

Respirator P2 with Valve and Active Carbon Filter

Protects against nuisance-level organic vapours in..

$19.50 Inc GST: $21.45

A1P2 Cartridges

For use on ProChoice Twin Filter Half MaskA1P2 car..

$16.00 Inc GST: $17.60

Our self-adhesive masking products are very easy to install and remove, all you need is a retractable knife or a pair of scissors! Each film adhesion level has been carefully measured and adjusted for each different application, 'install and removal without leaving sticky residue!'.

We at Protective Film only supply quality plastic film products so you can be sure that your timber floors, carpets, tiles, painted surface, melamine or whatever you are protecting, is well looked after! Please contact us for more info "click here"




Surface protection not only protects from costly damage, but can save hours of cleaning time!