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PAD IT Builders Temporary Floor Protection Woven Foam

A great Impact Protection for Hard Floor Surfaces

PAD IT Builders Protection Foam, a better way to protect your hard floor surfaces from damage during construction, renovation & demolitions. 

PAD IT comes in a handy roll so makes installation a breeze, saving you money in time to install and also less joint tape used!

Buy either a 2mm or 3mm thick dense foam offering excellent impact protection while the top poly woven layer is laminated to the foam giving a tough and durable top layer. 

Great protecting timber,engineered,lamineate floors, tiles, marble, vinyl and cured sealed concrete.

Can also be used to wrap around kitchen bench tops and other sensitive surfaces! 

Protect surfaces such as timber, engineered and laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Polished Concrete, Tiles and Floating Floors

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