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A great range of tapes, straps, tape dispensers, clips and invoice envelopes.

Packaging Tape Dispensers

Brand: Bock Tapes Model: PT-A75
Packing Tapes Acrylic Glue Economy Grade Clear A Ideal Packing tape for low temperatures Length: 48mm x 75m Box Qty 36  ..
Brand: PPC Model: 41348G
PVC Duct tape is the universal tape for sealing, taping, repairing, marking, binding and joining many different items and surfaces. 0.15mm thickness Self-extinguishing Meets the requirements for duct tape in AS4254.1 ~ 2021 Also used for joining plastic sheeting including concrete underl..
Duct Tape PVC 48mm x 30m
Brand: PROTRADE Model: 13048G
A Multi Purpose PVC Duct Tape for bundling, wrapping, sealing and taping down  SIZE: 48mm x 30m BOX QTY: 36 For more info send an email via our contact form ..
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: PT-HM75
Hot melt will work better on recycle cardboard Better adhesion during damp weather conditions Ideal For All Packaging Including Freezer & Coolroom Storage Length: 48mm x 75m Box Qty 36 rolls For more info send an email via our contact form ..
Brand: PROTRADE Model: greyPETStrap15mm
Tensile strength of 450N/mm2 A break strain of 6000 Newtons converts to 611kg break strain Stretch / Elasticity 11% Diameter core 406mm SIZE: 15mm x 0.98mm x 1200M..
Tape Dispenser Gun
-10 %
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: H10
A hand held tape gun dispenser with a ergonomic design Adjust the tension on roll for easy dispensing, Quick loading Too suit packing tape rolls size 50mm with a 75mm core..
$19.00 $21.00
Brand: PROTRADE Model: PolyStrap19mm
A heavy band Polyproylene Black Strapping for pallets and cartons, a high break strain for heavy loads minimum break force of 380+KG SIZE: 19MM x 0.95mm x 1000M centre draw..
Brand: Stylus Tapes Model: 7020
Stylus White Self Adhesive Invoice Enclosed Envelopes  150mm x 115mmQTY 1000..
Brand: PROTRADE Model: seals16mm
16mm Galvanised Seals for polyester strappingSerrated for extra gripSIZE: 16mmBox Qty: 1000..
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: ST185
 Black UV stable strapping tape, a tensilised polypropylene tape designed for high strength. Use for bundling, strapping and binding things together. Size: 19mm x 66m  ..
Brand: PROTRADE Model: 28565
  Tough Durable Bristles Long handle and rubber grip to allow for comfort while cleaning. Remove stubborn dirt and debris with ease The thick bristles are designed to pick up the most stubborn dirt or mud. Perfect for difficult outdoor jobs Head Sizes: 45CM, 60CM  ..
Low Noise Tape Dispenser Gun
-6 %
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: H14
A low noise tape dispenser tape gun to suit all 50mm wide tapes with a 75mm core size Fully fixed tape tension brake Specially designed to reduce the noise produced by adheisve taps  ..
$17.00 $18.15
Brand: PROTRADE Model: B19mm
Heavy Duty Thick Metal 19mm Galvansied Buckle for Poly StrappingSIZE: 19MM4mm thick wireBox Qty: 1000..
Brand: Stylus Tapes Model: FTORG48
Orange Fragile Tape propolyene acrylic adhesive tape, slient unwind.   Size: 48mm x 66M  Box Qty: 36 rolls..
Duct Tape PRO 48mm x 30m x 0.15mm
Out Of Stock
Brand: PROTRADE Model: 8515SI
GSA 8515 Trade Strength Duct TapeIndustrial-grade duct tape for splicing, masking, patching, sealing and seamingHigh tensile strength for secure hold under stressHigh adhesive strengthHVAC, Construction, trade and Industrial 0.15mm x 30m x 48msilver colour48 rolls to a BoxFor more info send an email..
Brand: PROTRADE Model: COM19mm
Composite Strapping is strong with a high stock capacity with a minimum breakload of 630kg. A better alternative to steel strapping with no sharp edgesSIZE: 19mm x 500m..
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