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A Fluted Polypropylene Twin wall surface protection sheet

Surface Protection coreflute sign writers sheet heavy duty

High Grade Corriboard Sheets 2000gsm,

Our quality made Corriboard Branded Flute Sheets range from 8mm 2000gsm high grade sheets too our 5mm 900gsm signwriters sheet to protection grade 2mm 350gsm sheets Made from Polypropylene fluted corrugated hollow core sheeting.
Ideal for protecting hard floors and other sensitive surfaces while under construction and renovation.
All our 900gsm Signage grade sheets are corona treated for print purposes and have UV inhibitors manufactured in the sheets providing at least 12 month UV outdoor resistance
All our sheets are 100% recyclable and contain 100% polypropylene plastic, no fillers!
Sizes range from 2440 x 1220mm, 2200 x 1200mm, 1800 x 1200mm and 900 x 600mm sheets
Colours range from Black, White, Translucent and Blue. Others available by special request.
This is an imported product not produced by Corex and is not banded "corflute"

Polypropylene fluted board for floor protection 2400mm or 1800mm by 1200mm wide sheets