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Brand: Hinge Bender Model: B04
Diplomat Blade, heavy duty utility blade high quality carbon steel, 0.025'' thick• Material: Carbon steel (0.025”)• Dimensions: 61 x 19 x 0.63 mmSuits Diplomat Knives: 660344,A9,A10,A27,A29,A34,A46,A52,A54,A55,60,C23,C23TS,C44C46,C56,C66, SHARKPack of 5 blades..
Inc GST:$4.46
Brand: Our Brand Model: K-XC-DX-RD
Replacement blades for Klever X-Change DXSingle and Dual sided safety blades Avaialable..
Inc GST:$4.40
Brand: Our Brand Model: K-XC-DX-RS
Replacement blades for Klever X-Change DXSingle and Dual sided safety blades Avaialable..
Inc GST:$4.40
Brand: Our Brand Model: K-XC-DX
Ergonomic soft rubber grip handle reduces hand fatigue and stressRecessed blade prevents risk of accidental contact with fingersWon't damage packaged goodsVersatile, cuts cardboard, boxes, strapping, shrink wrap and bubble wrapTape slitterReplacement heads available (Sold separately)..
Inc GST:$19.80
Brand: Our Brand Model: A09
Most popular retractable knife, zinc die cast all metal construction, safety lip top & bottom, comes with 1 heavy duty blade, suits all heavy/standard duty utility blades...
Inc GST:$7.26
Brand: Our Brand Model: 33134
• Strong anodized Aluminium body• Small & Compact• Quick change dial for changing blades. Includes belt clip..
Inc GST:$21.78
Retractable Fast Lock Utility Knife
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Our Brand Model: C56
• Most economical metal retractable knife• Fast lock, quick blade change• Rubber grip and compact holster• Safety lip on top and bottom• Suits most standard and heavy duty utility blades..
Inc GST:$18.76
Brand: Hinge Bender Model: LB50
• Highest quality carbon steel snap blades• Dimensions: 110 x 18 x 0.5 mm• Tube of 50• Made in Japan ..
Inc GST:$56.87
Metal Body 18mm Snap Blade Cutter
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Our Brand Model: 500GRP
• Heavy duty snap cutter with auto lock• Heavy duty metal body• Auto lock blade slider• Made in Japan ( NT CUTTER )..
Inc GST:$16.94
Brand: Our Brand Model: MEGA650
• Metal insert for stability and strength• Easy to use auto lock blade slider• Safety blade snapper at rear• Comes with 3 blades..
Inc GST:$10.03
Brand: Our Brand Model: 660445
• All metal construction Brass carrier with 3 positions,(loading,storing, scraping)• Includes packet of 5 USA single edge replacement blades• Retractable blade..
Inc GST:$18.76
Brand: Our Brand Model: KcutS
The Diplomat Klever Kutter Concealed Blade allows you to cut through cartons, boxes and packaging without damaging the stock inside the boxes or pallets. A great knife to ensure no stock is damaged while cutting through cartons and stapping. Economical, lightweight and high visibility colour. Cuts c..
Inc GST:$7.02
Diplomat Klever Kutter Safety Concealed Cutter
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Our Brand Model: Kcutr
The Diplomat Klever Kutter is a great alternative to a utility knife. The Klever Kutter avoids unwanted damage while cutting open boxes and pallets etc. Keep your stock damage free with the Klever Kutter.  Cuts through cartons, plastic strapping, shrink wrap and other warehouse packagings. A lo..
Inc GST:$5.81
Brand: Our Brand Model: 610045
• Material: Carbon steel with steel back (.009”)• 2 facet, aluminium backing plate• Dimensions: 38 x 19 x 0.22 mm• Made: USA..
Inc GST:$32.45
Brand: Our Brand Model: KleverExcelDX
• Ideal for cutting double walled cardboard• Multiple position handle• Made in the USA, with high quality German blade• Innovative tape slitter ..
Inc GST:$9.20
Brand: Hinge Bender Model: UT100P
• Material: Carbon steel (0.025”)• Dimensions: 59 x 19 x 0.63 mm• Made: TaiwanPack of 100 blades..
Inc GST:$32.67
Brand: Our Brand Model: 82CUTTER
• Multi purpose cutter designed for safe cutting of shrink wrapped pallets    and cartons, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, taped boxes, woven sacks & twine • Comes with a safety cap and storage chamber for spare blades.Replacement Blades – A45blades ( stainless steel blades tube of 12)..
Inc GST:$5.53
Brand: Our Brand Model: B6DB
• All purpose retractable knife • Metal Fluoro coloured for high visibility..
Inc GST:$4.22
Brand: Hinge Bender Model: SN08
• High quality carbon steel snap blades• Dimensions: 110 x 18 x 0.8 mm (extra thick)• Tube of 8 blades ..
Inc GST:$9.63
Brand: Our Brand Model: A23HD
• Easy to use plastic ergonomic film slitter with recessed blade for safety• Perfect for cutting, self adhesive films, shrink wrapped poly film, bubble wrap, box strapping, plastic and paper• Great promotional item for warehouses..
Inc GST:$4.74
Snap Blade Utility Cutter 18mm blade size
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Brand: Our Brand Model: SN68
• Metal insert for stability and strength• Easy to use slide lock• Safety blade snapper at rear ..
Inc GST:$3.87
Brand: Our Brand Model: SRBH99
Safety Razor Blade Holder and Window Scraper.Used when scraping walls, windows, paint, and labels. From building maintenance to glaziers and general contractorsSize: (114 mm)..
Inc GST:$6.05
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