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Paints, Solvents & Chemicals

Paints, Solvents & Chemicals
Brand: Our Brand Model: Acetone20
Acetone is an extremely versatile solvent and has excellent solvency power for resins, gums, fats, oils, waxes, rubber, plastics, nitrocellulose, paints, lacquers, varnishes, adhesives and rubber cements. Acetone is commonly used in varnish and nail polish removers. It is ideal for a number of solve..
Brand: Our Brand Model: CT-BKSG-400
GalMax™ NPR Black Galvanising PaintGalMax™ NPR Black Galvanising Paint provides direct to metal corrosion protection, with or without primer, and dries to a smooth and durable rust fighting finish. It can be used extensively in the maintenance and restoration of damaged or worn galvanised metal, and..
Brand: Our Brand Model: CT-EPGY
Etch PrimerChemtools Etch Primer is  a one pass acid hardening metal etch primer formulated for workshop application use on structural steel work, sheets and plates, cranes and storage tanks. This premium primer has excellent adhesion on iron and steel when exposed to mild chemicals and water. Chemt..
Brand: Our Brand Model: MS100%20L
Methylated Spirits is a versatile cleaning agent used as a hard surface cleaner and disinfectant.Great for stain removal and removing sticker residue.100% I.M.S20 Litre DrumContains: 6.6ppm Denatoium Benozate, 95-100% Ethanol, 0.25% Methylisobutyl KetoneHighly FlammableClass: 3 Hazard 2(Y)E  F/Pt:13..
Brand: Our Brand Model: 1162A
Penetrating oil used for loosening rusted parts and dispersing moisture from ignition parts etc. can also be used as a light lubricant. WD-40 Equivilent  5L Bottle..
Brand: Our Brand Model: CT-SP-350
Survey and Spot Marking PaintsChemtools Spot It, Fluro Survey and Spot Marking Paints are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The special resin & pigment system provides long-term durability. Designed for optimum performance, Spot It can be used for both line marking machines &..
Window Cleaning Solution 5L
Brand: Our Brand Model: WINC5LT
Spray & wipe glass cleaner, non-streak formula. Leaves glass, chrome, laminate and most surfaces clean and spotless.Environmentally friendly.5L Bottle..
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